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Kadonowaki elementary school documentary -- Ishinomaki

Kadonowaki elementary school

On Mar 11, 2011, an earthquake off Fukushima Prefecture triggered a tsunami that hit Ishinomaki.

There are 362 students and 19 teachers and academic staff dead or missing in Miyagi Prefecture alone.

At Kadonowaki elementary school, the buildings around the school were on fire after the earthquake and the tsunami brought these burning buildings together with cars to impact with the school, causing explosions which burned the school. It was a sad tradegy of unimaginable magnitude.


A group interviewed more than 50 students and teachers who were there on that day and made a documentary:
Ishinomaki.Kadonowaki elementary school.People.Word

This docuemntary explains the happenings on that day with vivid images from the words of the survivors themselves.

It costs $5000 yen + shipping and the proceeds goes to help rebuild Ishinomaki.

If you are interested, feel free to contact for more questions and order information.


When earthquake happened, the students gathered in the school field and made their way to the Hiyoriyama shrine on the hill.

The teachers then brought them to the Junior high school and stayed with them for 10 days before their parents pick them up.

As parents, these teachers stayed with their students instead of their families to show their commitment to their jobs.


Meanwhile, the residents who evacuated to the school assembled and as the Gym was smashed and there are also old people or people with limited mobility, they did not want to climb the hill in the snow and when the tsunami came, it was too late to escape and their tragic journey which resulted in deaths was told and described in this video.


I would strongly recommend this video to learn more about what happened that day.


-- Robin Low



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